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ZEUS-NL Software

ZEUS-NL is the analysis and simulation platform of the MAE Center. It is a state-of-the-art 3D static and dynamic analysis platform specifically developed for earthquake engineering applications. Its extreme efficiency, accuracy, verification and user-friendly graphical user interface has made it easier than ever to undertake inelastic large displacement analysis of complex frames using the fiber approach, with a suite of material models and elements. ZEUS-NL is available free-of-charge. The MAE Center requires that publications including results from ZEUS-NL to include an acknowledgement of the MAE Center and the National Science Foundation (cooperative agreement reference EEC-9701785).

ZEUS-NL has become open source as of November 1st.

For further information and to download the source code, please visit:

Download ZEUS-NL

Download ZEUS-NL 1.9.0

Update history

Jan 01, 2011: V1.9.0

  • No expiration date (program available as open-source)

May 07, 2010: V1.8.9

  • Small bug in Reader (dashpot read) corrected

December 31, 2009: V1.8.8

  • Zeus-NL update to V1.8.8, expiring on 12-31-2010

February 02, 2009: V1.8.7

  • Added Menegotto-Pinto model for steel (stl3)
  • Added ECC model (ecc)
  • Small bugs in Postprocessor and ZBeer corrected

December 26, 2008: V1.8.6

  • Zeus-NL update to V1.8.5, expiring on 12-31-2009

October 24, 2008: V1.8.5

  • ZeusView - A 3D Model Generator for ZeusNL
  • Added elastic model (stl0)
  • Added Ramber-Osgood model for steel (stl2)
  • Added Sheikh-Uzumeri model for concrete (con4)
  • Updated postprocessor including element moment/shear and curvature output
  • Added /4 subdivision
  • Changed units to kN and meters in postprocessor output
  • Updated manual
  • Improved GUI visuals
  • Choice of solver size during installation
  • Correction of minor bugs

January 28, 2008: V1.8.1

  • Bug fix in 3D model generation using a template in Zeus-NL

December 26, 2007: V1.8.0

  • Zeus-NL update to V1.8.0, expiring on 12-31-2008

July 04, 2007: V1.7.4

  • Zeus-NL update to V1.7.4
  • In version 1.7.3, the deformed shape from time history analysis did not show correct deformation. This bug is fixed in 1.7.4.
  • Zeus-NL post processor can create animation file from static time history analysis results and dynamic time history analysis results.