Risk Management

Consequence-based Risk Management

The culminating activities of the MAE Center include working with stakeholders to provide comprehensive services for consequence-based risk management that couples loss assessment with advanced decision support tools. Advanced technologies incorporated within risk management in the MAE Center, and implemented in the web-launched software system MAEViz, include state-of-the-art hazard assessment, point-wise inventory acquisition, fragilities based upon parametric studies using nonlinear analysis verified against large-scale experimental and field testing, lifeline network modeling including system interdependencies, dynamic traffic modeling, and modern social and economic loss predictions. All loss estimations are conducted with systematic treatment of uncertainty so as to express losses within specified confidence intervals. Several different options for conducting quantitative decision support offer the ability to compare and contrast predicted results to help ensure comprehensive treatment of complex loss studies.

Education and Training

The Center has experience in the design and construction of educational material for school and museum displays related to its overarching theme of Consequence-based Risk Management and all of its component fields. It also runs education and training courses at several levels up to and including graduate level courses in all aspects of risk analysis and management.