Loss Assessment

Structural and Geotechnical Assessment

Capability of undertaking different levels of safety assessment exists in the Center. Code-based and analytical, as well as advanced experimental, assessment can be undertaken at the state-of-the-art facilities at Illinois and the other core institutions. Assessment of ground competence and foundation types suitable for different site conditions, as well as site response analyses are strong activities in the Center.

Transportation and Utility Networks Assessment

Advanced models for transportation systems have been developed in the Center and are being applied to different test beds around the world, to prioritize retrofitting and plan response action in the event of an earthquake. The Center also undertakes pipeline systems assessment as well as other utility networks.

Regional Loss Assessment

The MAE Center specializes in the development of loss assessments due to catastrophic events. The Center offers expertise in the use of the HAZUS multi-hazard loss assessment program or in its own MAEViz loss assessment, mitigation, and visualization program. For those clients requesting HAZUS analysis the Center can offer enhancements to the standard defaults such as detailed inventory data or improved fragility curves that relate ground shaking to physical damage. More advanced seismic loss assessment requirements can be met using the MAEViz software program.