Engineering Services

Estimating Hazard

The Center has access to all international databases and has experience in conducting probabilistic as well as deterministic hazard analysis leading to the definition of design parameters and input motions where needed. The Center experience extends across the U.S. as well as overseas, where such studies have been undertaken in the Middle East and Europe among other regions around the world.

Inventory Verification and Collection

The Center is utilizing state-of-the-art remote sensing data and processing techniques to develop inventory data for loss assessments. Data fusion techniques are utilized to combine lidar data with high resolution aerial and satellite imagery. These fused image data and existing inventory data are analyzed using feature extraction and image processing classification techniques to determine location, height, and area of structures as well as roads and bridges. Advanced neural network algorithms and statistical regression techniques determine building value, content value, and frame type.

Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Evaluation

Structural and geotechnical engineering faculty within the Center have a wide range of experience in evaluating existing facilities and advising on the design of new facilities using the latest technologies and building codes. Comprehensive analysis capabilities exist within the Center, including use of common third-party software systems as well as advanced software packages developed within the Center, such as ZEUS-NL, a nonlinear structural analysis software package with a strong base of registered users.