Featured Books

  • Automation in Construction toward Resilience

    Editors: Noroozinejad Farsangi, E., Noori, M., Yang, T.Y., Lourenço, P.B., Gardoni, P., Takewaki, I., Chatzi, E., Li, S.

    Presents key aspects of automation in construction that are critical for developing resilient infrastructure and communities

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  • Reliability-Based Analysis and Design of Structures and Infrastructure

    Editors: Noroozinejad Farsangi, E., Noori, M., Gardoni, P., Takewaki, I., Varum, H., Bogdanovic, A.

    Provides a comprehensive practical overview of reliability and risk analysis and their implications for design techniques

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  • Routledge Handbook of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

    Editor: Gardoni, P.

    This handbook brings together current research on sustainable and resilient infrastructure

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  • Resilient Structures and Infrastructure

    Editors: Noroozinejad Farsangi, E., Takewaki, I., Yang, T.Y., Astaneh-Asl, A., Gardoni, P.

    Addresses resilience in terms of structures’ and infrastructures’ responses to extreme loading conditions

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  • Climate Change and Its Impacts

    Editors: Murphy, C.,Gardoni, P., McKim, R.

    Brings together experts from different fields to discuss the implications of climate change

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  • Risk and Reliability Analysis: Theory and Applications

    Editor: Gardoni, P.

    Includes state-of-the-art methods for risk and reliability analysis and applications to complex problems

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  • Multi-hazard Approaches to Civil Infrastructure Engineering

    Editors: Gardoni, P., LaFave, J.M.

    Stands as the first and only book fully dedicated to the emerging, critical issue of mitigating multi-hazards

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  • Risk Analysis of Natural Hazards

    Interdisciplinary Challenges and Integrated Solutions

    Editors: Gardoni, P., Murphy, C., Rowell, A.

    Applies cutting-edge scholarship on risk to the problems posed by natural hazards

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  • Engineering Ethics for a

    Globalized World

    Editors: Murphy, C., Gardoni, P., Bashir, H., Harris, Jr., C.E., Masad, E.

    Offers first comprehensive overview of professional and philosophical challenges arising from the globalization of the engineering profession

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